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Principal's Message

Welcome To Englewood Hills Elementary,
My name is Tim Hopkins and it is my pleasure to serve as the Interim Principal of EH
Elementary. As most everyone is aware, this year is a new adventure in our building as we
merge EH and EE into one family of learners. Our mission to provide students an exceptional
education with diverse opportunities to maximize their potential has not changed.
Every school building relies heavily on a strong relationship between staff, students and
parents/caregivers. We will do our best to promote and foster strong lines of communication
with our families. We ask that you do the same by staying engaged in your student's school
There will always be challenges but we are excited about this school year. Great things are
going to happen on a daily basis. I and the team here at Englewood Hills are looking forward to
this adventure!


Timothy Hopkins, Interim Principal
Englewood Hills Elementary
(937) 832-5952